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Baby Box 130 130 GB 100 mbit Unlimited €12.00
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The Baby Box 130 plan offers a good mix of value and performance, and has been one of our more popular plans since we started in 2009.

Instant Setup

Fed up with providers who make you wait for your slice?
Now you don't have to! Place an order for any of our slices and your details will be ready within 30 seconds of payment!

Upgrade as you go

Why pay for space you're not using?
Get started with our Baby Box 130 and you can instant upgrade to any of our larger plans (in the same series), without waiting until the end of the month.
Where else can you do that?

Manage your slice

All of our slices come with our brand new control panel, allowing you to easily manage your slice with tasks like installing software, checking disk usage and accessing your files.

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